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About Us

Welcome to the Willyung Poll Sussex Stud! Established in 1972, we take pride in breeding high-quality Poll Sussex cattle. Our stud is located in the beautiful town of Albany on the South Coast of Western Australia. Led by Alister and his wife Doreen, our dedicated team has been successfully running the stud alongside a large commercial beef herd.

Our Commitment to Excellence

With a keen eye for good cattle, Alister, our stud master, has judged at agricultural shows and commercial cattle competitions in Australia and the United Kingdom. Over the years, we have built a strong reputation for selling bulls and semen for both stud and commercial use.

We believe in breeding cattle that not only excel in performance but also have a gentle temperament. Our Poll Sussex cattle are a pleasure to handle, known for their quiet disposition and striking short dark red coat.

Our Breeding Program

At Willyung Poll Sussex Stud, we are dedicated to breeding from the best bloodlines. Our stud originated from U.K bloodlines, including Elbridge Keystone, Glenleigh Katawumpus, Dalchaytom Poll Valetine 2nd, Glottenham General Brede General, and Quarles Monarch.

Today, we breed from over 80 pedigree cows. To ensure early maturity and top-quality genetics, we carefully select our calves by weighing them at 200 and 300 days.

We have found that the Poll Sussex cow is the most economical mother. By crossing our 300 commercial cows with Charolais and Simmental bulls for hybrid vigor, we aim to sell these calves at nine to ten months of age, straight from the cow. Our steer calves typically weigh 180/200kg on the hook, providing a high-quality carcass.

Our Global Reach

The demand for our Poll Sussex bulls has been steady, and we sell 12 to 15 poll bulls per year. We are proud to have placed “Willyung Mervin” through quarantine, allowing us to export his semen worldwide. As a result, he has progeny in the Eastern States, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, and South Africa.

Meet Our Team

We attribute our success to our dedicated Team, ensuring the well-being of our cattle and the smooth functioning of the stud.

Moreover, our family plays a vital role in the day-to-day activities. Alister and Doreen, along with their son Sandy, manage various aspects of the business. Sandy oversees contracting, avocados, commercial cattle, and feedlotting at Willyung. Our daughters Jill, Sheena, and Peggy, along with their partners Murray, Stewart, and Richard, and our friend Carrie, all actively contribute to both stock work and avocados.

As Alister enters semi-retirement, he has taken up breeding chooks—Light Sussex, of course! He enjoys showcasing these birds at agricultural shows, as there seems to be a growing demand for chickens these days.