Poll Sussex Stud

The Sussex Breed at Willyung Farms, Albany, Western Australia

Sussex Cattle Characteristics

The Poll Sussex Stud at Willyung Farms in Albany, Western Australia offers a range of services and products centered around the exceptional Sussex cattle breed. Sussex cattle are medium-sized with a deep red sleek coat, making them a visually striking breed. But their appeal goes beyond their appearance. These cattle possess a placid nature and are efficient converters of feed, making them ideal for feedlot performance. They are also early maturing, which is advantageous for breeders seeking faster returns.

The Sussex breed’s inherent fertility and ability to tolerate heat and drought conditions are valuable traits for farmers operating in Western Australia’s challenging climate. Additionally, Sussex cattle exhibit hybrid vigor when crossbred with purebred bulls, further enhancing their characteristics.

Breed History and Global Popularity

Sussex cattle have a rich history originating from traditional English breeds. They evolved over centuries and were once used as draft cattle for ploughing due to their placid temperament. Sussex cattle have been exported to numerous countries and have proven to be adaptable to different climates. They are particularly popular in South Africa, where their natural resistance to ticks, short red coat, and ability to thrive as good foragers have made them highly sought after.

In Australia, Sussex cattle arrived in 1970 and have steadily gained popularity. While now considered a rare breed, Willyung Farms is dedicated to preserving and promoting the Sussex breed in the country. The Sussex Society in the UK is also actively involved in the breed’s growth, although herds there remain relatively small.

Why Choose Sussex Cows and Bulls?

Sussex Cows

Sussex cows offer numerous benefits to farmers seeking productive and low-maintenance cattle. They are known for their easy calving, regular breeding patterns, and longevity. Sussex cows can calve unassisted as early as two years and consistently on schedule at three years. They are thrifty and productive, remaining valuable assets well into their teens under commercial conditions. Their non-selective grazing behavior efficiently converts milk to meat, making them economical and efficient.

With their placid nature and adaptability to hot climates and extreme drought conditions, Sussex cows are a reliable choice for farmers. They have a medium to large frame, weighing approximately 590 kilograms, making them suitable for various market requirements. The Sussex breed offers several types evolved under different conditions worldwide.

Sussex Bulls

Introducing a Poll Sussex Bull into your herd management can greatly simplify your breeding program. Sussex bulls are highly regarded for their good muscling, fertility, and long productive lives. Their easy calving nature ensures that Sussex calves are born small, typically weighing between 27 and 35 kilograms. The bulls’ strong legs and good feet, along with their dark red smooth coats, make them well-equipped to handle various weather conditions and exhibit resistance to ticks.

Sussex bulls contribute to producing consistent calves with a low fat cover, ideal for grazing or feedlotting. They also possess a placid nature, resulting in less stressed animals, which is crucial for optimal meat quality. Another remarkable characteristic of Sussex cattle is their high number of sweat glands, surpassing any other breed.

At Willyung Farms, we take pride in our Poll Sussex Stud and the exceptional cattle we offer. Whether you’re looking for physical cattle sales, breeding and fertility programs, semen sales, or embryo sales, we have the necessary paperwork, breeding certificates, and expertise to meet your requirements. Contact us today to learn more about the remarkable Sussex breed and how it can benefit your farming operation.

Breeding Program

Willyung Bee-Gee 27th

Birth Weight: 34Kg

200 day weight: 256Kg

300 day weight: 406Kg

2 year weight: 960Kg

Willung Brutus 22nd

Birth Weight: 34Kg

200 day weight: 230Kg

300 day weight: 288Kg

2 year weight: 805Kg

Willyung Jack 17th

Date of Birth: 08/04/2001

Birth Weight: 33Kg

200 day weight: 244Kg

300 day weight: 428Kg

2 year weight: 710Kg

Willyung Mervin

Date of Birth: 19/01/2023

Birth Weight: 34Kg

200 day weight: 260Kg

300 day weight: 414Kg


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