Willyung Bee-Gee 27th

Birth Weight: 34Kg

200 day weight: 256Kg

300 day weight: 406Kg

2 year weight: 960Kg

Dam: His dam, Willyung Polly 27th, whose grand sire was the homosiegus bull Glenleigh Katawumpus. Polly 27th is a grand cow who has served us well - always producing a top calf.

Willyung Bee-Gee 27th is a 3 year old bull and is “one of the best bulls I have bred to date” – Alister Lyon, President of the Australian Sussex Cattle Society.

He has strong polling from both his sire & dam and an excellent temperament. He has sound legs, good feet with excellent frame score. His pedigree is from a wide selection of Sussex Herds.

Bee-Gee has returned home from semen collection in 2007. It was hoped that his semen would be available for UK, but due to recent changes in quarantine rules, all semen and embryos from Australia and New Zealand are now banned until further notice from the European Union.


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