Contracting Services in Albany, Western Australia


Silage, Hay, Straw: High-Quality Feed for Your Livestock

At Willyung Farms, we understand the importance of providing nutritious feed for your livestock. Our team is experienced in producing top-quality silage, hay, and straw to meet the dietary needs of your animals. Whether you need feed for dairy cows, horses, or other livestock, we have you covered.

Full Service: A Comprehensive Solution for Your Agricultural Needs

Our full-service package is designed to make your farming life easier. We offer a range of services that cover all aspects of the hay and straw production process. From mowing and raking to baling and stacking, our skilled team will take care of everything, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation.

Mowing: Efficiently Prepare Your Fields

Our mowing service utilizes state-of-the-art machinery to efficiently cut your fields, preparing them for the next stages of the production process. We carefully consider the optimal timing and techniques to maximize your crop yield.

Raking: Tidy and Efficient Field Management

Our experienced team utilizes advanced raking techniques to gather the cut hay or straw into neat rows, allowing for efficient baling and stacking. This process ensures that no crop is left behind, reducing waste and improving the overall quality of your feed.

Baling: Secure and Convenient Packaging

With our modern baling equipment, we can quickly and securely package your hay or straw into tight, uniform bales. Our expertise in baling techniques guarantees that your feed will be protected from moisture and other elements, maintaining its nutritional value.

Stacking: Organized and Space-Efficient Storage

Once baled, we take care of the stacking process, ensuring that your hay or straw is neatly organized and stored in the most space-efficient manner possible. Proper stacking prevents spoilage, allowing you to preserve your feed for an extended period.

Cartage: Timely and Reliable Transport

Our cartage service ensures that your silage, hay, or straw is transported from the fields to your desired location with efficiency and care. We have a fleet of well-maintained vehicles and experienced drivers who will deliver your feed on time, every time.

Area Covered: Southern WA

Willyung Farms proudly serves the agricultural community in Southern Western Australia. Our contracting services are available to farmers in the region, and we are dedicated to providing reliable support to help you achieve the best possible outcomes for your crops and livestock.

Investing in Modern Machinery for Optimal Performance

As a leading provider of contracting services, we believe in staying at the forefront of technological advancements in agriculture. That’s why we consistently invest in state-of-the-art machinery designed to optimize productivity and minimize delays. Our team of skilled operators is trained to handle the latest equipment, ensuring smooth operations and superior results.

Regular Maintenance for Uninterrupted Operations

To guarantee uninterrupted service, we place great emphasis on regular maintenance. Our dedicated technicians conduct routine checks and servicing to identify and address any potential issues before they escalate. By proactively maintaining our machinery, we minimize the risk of unexpected breakdowns and subsequent delays, enabling us to complete your projects on time.

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

At Willyung Farms, customer satisfaction is paramount to us. We understand the significance of your crops and the time sensitivity involved in harvesting. With our reliable service and commitment to efficiency, we strive to exceed your expectations and provide a seamless experience. When you partner with us, you can have confidence in our ability to deliver exceptional results.

Choose Willyung Farms for all your contracting needs, and experience the benefits of reliable service, efficient machinery, and a dedicated team. Contact us today to discuss your agricultural requirements and let us help you achieve your goals.


High Density Balers

Make: Case

Model: LB436 High Density Baler

Year: 2021

Krone Triple Mowers

Make: Krone

Model: EasyCut B Front & Rear Mowers

Berrima Hay Rake 12 metre

Make: Berrima

Model: BRC1200

Year: 2020

Krone Tedder Rake

Make: Krone

Model: KWT 8.82 Trailed Tedder Rake

Year: 2022


Make: JCB

Model: Telehandlers

Bale Stacker

Make: Highline

Model: FaStack 1200 Flex

Year: 2022

Road Train

Make: Scania

Model: R560

Hay Grinder

Make: Mighty Giant

Model: Hay Tub Grinder

Year: 2022

Muck Spreader

Make: Penta

Model: 8610V Hydra -Spread Manure Spreader

Year: 2023

Compost Turner

Make: Seymour

Model: Compost Turner


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