Welcome to Willyung Farms: Avocados

Welcome to Willyung Farms, located in the beautiful region of Albany, Western Australia. We take pride in our avocado orchard, which was established in 2003 and expanded with further plantings in 2005 and 2006. Our dedication to quality and sustainable farming practices has made us a leading producer of avocados in the area.

Our Orchard and Varieties

At Willyung Farms, we cultivate two popular varieties of avocados: Hass and Lamb Hass. These varieties are renowned for their exceptional flavor, creamy texture, and nutritional benefits. We believe that growing these high-quality avocados allows us to provide our customers with the best eating experience.

Our orchard is meticulously maintained to ensure optimal growing conditions for the avocados. We take great care in providing them with the right amount of water, sunlight, and nutrients, resulting in healthy and delicious fruit. Our commitment to sustainable farming practices extends to every aspect of our operation, from water conservation to pest management.

Commercial Avocado Sales

In 2006, we celebrated a significant milestone as we began selling our avocados commercially. This was an exciting step for us, as it allowed us to share the fruits of our labor with avocado lovers in Albany and beyond. Since then, we have been dedicated to supplying the finest avocados to local markets, restaurants, and wholesalers.

When you purchase avocados from Willyung Farms, you can be confident that you’re getting premium, locally grown produce. Our avocados are carefully hand-picked at the perfect stage of ripeness to ensure the best flavor and quality. We take pride in delivering avocados that are bursting with freshness, whether you’re enjoying them on toast, in a salad, or as a creamy addition to your favorite dishes.