Willyung Jack 17th

Date of Birth: 08/04/2001

Birth Weight: 33Kg

200 day weight: 244Kg

300 day weight: 428Kg

2 year weight: 710Kg

Dam: Willyung Nikki 17th. Born March 1985 carved at 2yrs had thirteen calves in thirteen years last calf 1999 cow sold cast for age. 12 bulls one heifer.

Son of Willyung Jack the 1st, Willyung Jack 17th is a well proportioned bull, used in our stud herd at Willyung, with great success, producing well grown calves.

Sound thick set Poll Bull at 4 years of age weighed 890 kilo. Brought in off grass in moderate condition, good thick hindquarters that carry well down the leg. He is well muscled with broad back and not too heavy in the shoulders with a good straight top line, excellent feet and legs.

Jack has that distinctive short red coat and a top temperament. He has good polling pedigree with only one horned cow, 7 polled in his G.G. parents, 4 horned and 28 polled G.G.G parents.

Jack has his calves spread right across Australia and his semen has also been exported to South Africa and New Zealand.

Reference was made to Willyung Jack at a recent Sussex bull sale held in South Africa. Unfortunately, we only have a limited supply of his semen available.


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