Willung Brutus 22nd

Birth Weight: 34Kg

200 day weight: 230Kg

300 day weight: 288Kg

2 year weight: 805Kg

Bred from South African Sire by embryo transfer. Brutus has an excellent temperament and a long frame supported by low back fat, with good feet and legs. He is well muscled and his coat is short and sleek and dark red in colour.

Willyung Brutus has many famous names in his breeding not used before in Australia from South African herds. Trevor Stotter from Heimat Stud – Ida, Eastern Cape, South Africa, helped us with choosing these bloodlines.

With calves already on the ground his progeny are doing well with a good weight gain and strong polling. Semen was collected earlier this year and he is now back at Willyung and his licensed semen is now available for world wide export.


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