Willyung Mervin

Date of Birth: 19/01/2023

Birth Weight: 34Kg

200 day weight: 260Kg

300 day weight: 414Kg

Dam: Willyung Polly 18th Born: 9/2/87 Birth weight: 28 Kilo 300 Day 301 Kilo Calved at two years of age, Willyung Polly has had ten calves in ten years - seven bull’s, three heifers. We calve down our females at two years of age if they don’t produce a calf every year they’re sold. On the Dams side, Martin Monarch 3rd grand Sire was Petworth Warspite 2nd and the homosigus Poll Bull Glynleigh Katawumpas widely used in Australia used and owned by John Dunn in his U.K. herd in Kent. Mervin's top 6 bull calves in 1998 averaged 417 kilo at 300 days and his top heifers in 1998 averaged 355 kilo at 300 days. These weights achieved off grass on the cow with a good season. The last two years we’ve had 32 & 35 heifer calves from the stud with only one horned calf each year.

Willyung Mervin is bred from top British bloodlines, including the famous Petworth (Warspite) and Martin and Elbridge (Generals), all of which are present on both sides of his pedigree.

Mervin features excellent temperament, muscling, fleshing and conformation. He is a moderate framed, easy calving low birth weight sire with a Bos Indicus blood factor, adaptable to extreme heat and cold conditions. Sussex have a short dark red coat and a resistance to fly and tick.

Mervin was halter broken and champion at the Perth Royal Show in Western Australia in 1996.


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